Changing The World

Many people in this world of ours don’t like change and that’s fine. But there are simple steps to change the world.

Step one – smile, always smile. Smiling can do a lot. When you smile you encourage other people to smile then they encourage people to smile. When you smile it makes you happy, so when you make other people happy, that could benefit you, them, and the world.

Step two- positivity. Positivity is a very good step to changing the world. If you are in a negative mood while doing something, that could rub off on someone else, and make them negative. When you are positive, you encourage positivity. That’s what we need today. Positivity.

Step three-goals. You might be thinking, how are goals going to change the world. Let’s break it down for you. Let’s say your goal was to make 30 people smile. When you smile it encourages positive behavior, and positive thinking. When this happens, you change your perspective or other people’s perspective about things, and life.

Step four- kindness. When you are kind to a person you make them feel good and they do something for someone else, it keeps going. This video by life vest and on YouTube show how this affects people

you are little compared to the earth, a giant compared to a ant, but no matter how tall you are you can change the world

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